12 Litre Disinfecting Fogger

12 Litre Disinfecting Fogger

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Featuring a unique hose design which is able to swing to any angle, the highly efficient and convenient Disinfecting Fogger enables you to apply solution to a wide number of areas.

The 12L tank capacity and spraying distance of 6-8m allows the user to cover a wide area in a short amount of time, quickly and thoroughly disinfecting areas such as schools, hotels, healthcare facilities and public transport.

Key Benefits

  • The unique hose design swings to any angle and it can be instantly swithed on or off adding convenience
  • Highly efficient spraying, save solution and labour
  • Rotating sprayer without any blocking
  • Air pressue auto locking spray head to prevent leakage
  • High power motor means high speed spraying


Voltage/ Frequency 220V/50Hz
Power 1200W
Tank Capacity 12 Litre
Spray Volume 750ml/min
Droplet Size 0 - 50 microns (Adjustable)
 Spraying Distance

5 - 6m Horizonal

1.5 - 2m Vertical